UFC Fighter Wins Bout by Using The Rarest Submission You’ll Ever See In The Ring

At the weekend, in Phoenix, Veteran heavyweight Aleksei Oliynyk became the first fighter to ever employ the fabled ‘Ezekiel Choke’. It’s the rarest way to end a fight and never seen before in the UFC. But the 39-year-old fighter – aptly nicknamed ‘The Boa Constrictor’ used it to great effect. And it makes for spectacular viewing.

It’s not the first time he’s used it, though. It’s actually the eleventh. That’s right, he’s ended ten other fights in different organizations’ fight with the special hold.

Oliynk’s opponent, Viktor Pesta was on top of him and pummeling him. It looked like game over…

“This is great grappling from Pesta,” the commentator says. “He’s just using those punches to move himself into the mount position…”


Then Pesta taps out.

Why, though?! He was winning!

Well, it’s all down to the ‘Ezekiel’…

Boa Constrictor UFC

And here it is!