Ali G Stole The Show At The Oscars And It Was HILARIOUS!

This year’s Oscars should have been about Leonardo DiCaprio FINALLY bagging an Academy Award after all those years of trying and being nominating. But, because of the inherent racism that’s embedded into Hollywood culture, it became all about the lack of diversity in the nominees. For the second year running, there were no black actors up for any award. Host Chris Rock poked fun at it and so did Sacha Baron Cohen

As his brilliantly funny creation Ali G, he lampooned the Academy’s decision not to nominate any black actors and came out with the best joke of the night by far. Co-host Olivia Wilde had NO IDEA how to react stood next to him. Especially when he said ‘you is fit’ to her…

Whether he’s Borat, Bruno, Ali G or any other comic creation, there’s no getting around the fact he’s one funny dude. See yet more proof right here: