Uber Driver Goes CRAZY on Annoying Woman Who Won’t Get Out His Car

Uber. What a great innovation. It’s made life so much easier since it’s come in. It’s great to use and a cool thing to work for too. It’s flexible and you set your own hours and things. But being an Uber driver isn’t without its downsides. The biggest of all? Crazy passengers…

Okay, okay. So in this clip the driver’s more than a little crazy himself. But we can see why he gets so angry. The mad b*tch in the back seat is loco. She asks him to drive her to the hospital as it’s an ’emergency’. He arrives on time. she’s late. Not a good start.

Then he drives her to the hospital she asks for. But she then gets all weird about it and refuses to get out. And it escalates!

Angry Uber Driver

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