Thug Life Cat Shows The Dog Who’s The Boss

It’s time for another animal-based Thug Life video compilation here at Thug Life Videos. We’ve brought you plenty of critters that didn’t choose the Thug Life before, none of who gave a single solitary sh*t. And these badass creatures are no different. Whether it’s a Thug cat, Thug seal, Thug gorilla or Thug bird or Thug kangaroo, these animals are straight-up gangstas…

Here are your tracks in order:
0:25 2Pac – Hit Em Up
0:51 DMX – We Right Here
1:18 Trick Daddy – Let’s go
1:48 RUN-DMC – It’s Tricky
2:14 Swizz Beatz – It’s Me Snitches
2:31 Nelly – Here Comes The Boom

And the video descriptions in order:
0:08 Angry Bird
0:44 Kangaroo kick
1:03 Annoying cat
1:43 Gorilla vs Chimp
2:09 Seal thug
2:23 Kicking Horse

It’s feeding time at the Thug Zoo…