Olympic Swimmer Performs Teasing Disrobe Before Getting Into Pool

The Olympics has brought a whole bunch of people and stories to our attention since it started, hasn’t it? There’s been the pole vaulter whose junk let him down, the leg-shattering gymnast and who can forget the s*x scandal involving the Brazilian diving team???

And the latest to grab our attention? 24 year-old Ukrainian synchronized swimmer, Anna Voloshyna. Why? Well, it’s all about her way of undressing before getting into the swimming pool. She does it in the most incredibly alluring way. Via a striptease. Okay, okay – she’s just being silly, but it’s still super hot.

She posted the video clip on her Instagram profile with a short caption reading: ‘Having good humor is a precondition for good training.’

Olympic Swimmer

Here she is in her natural habitat:


Here’s what’s been getting pulses racing down in Rio: