BIG MISTAKE! Spider Tries To Snack On A Bee; Entire Hive Sets Upon Him…


They’re called fishing spiders. Some people call them ‘hunting spiders’. Why? Well, because of the way they predate on their prey. You see, most spiders – as you know – snare their dinner using webs. But these bad boys? They’re more hands on. Well, legs on. They stalk and strike, just like an apex predator.

One of their favorite prey? Bees. That’s right. Hey, maybe they taste of honey or something, we don’t know. Anyway, the fishing or hunting spider loves to munch on ’em. It does so by sneaking into hives and waiting on the lids. Still, it nabs a few bees and leaves. But if it’s spotted? The whole hive will team up and go APE SH*T!

And we’ve got proof for you here. This spider f*cks up big time and gets caught. The entire hive of honey bees slam him over and over and over again with venom, it’s SAVAGE.


Listen closely and you can hear the bees shouting, “Worldstar! Worldstar!”