Bernie Mac Helps Chris Rock Run For President… This Is CLASSIC!

A black man as the President of the United States. It’s not that funny an idea nowadays, is it? Not now we’ve had two terms from Barack Obama… But if it’s the plot of a movie starring Chris Rock and Bernie Mac, then it’s always going to be pretty funny, isn’t it? Right. We’re not talking hypothetically here, alright? This is a movie that exists. It’s from 2003 and it’s called ‘Head of State’

Chris and Bernie play Mays and Mitch Gilliam, two brothers (In both senses of the word) that are battling to get Mays in the presidential hot seat (and Mitch as his Vice-President…). The movie co-stars Tracey Morgan in an early role and even Nate Dogg in a little cameo. Hey, it’s not the most memorable movie of the ’90s, but it had some damn fine comedic moments!

We especially love this one scene here. Mitch’s coming to Washington DC to see his little bro and handing out some serious bitch slaps to everyone getting in his way… Stick around for the rest of the scene too. Man, we’ve gotta watch this movie again!