Watch This Racer Recover From a Crash In The Thuggest Way Possible…

As you’ll know doubt know by now, Thugs comes in all shapes and sizes. Kids can be Thugs, animals can be Thugs. The Thug Life can choose anyone. So you won’t be hugely surprised to see the crazy variety in this latest collection of clips. We’ve got a Thug elephant, a Thug schoolkid, a Thug president and – our favorite – a bike racing Thug that thinks outside the box…

The tracksĀ in the order you’ll hear them:
0:18 Snoop Dogg – Lay low
0:40 YG – Ma N*gga
1:19 Dr. Dre – Ring Ding Dong
1:47 The Game – Where i’m from
2:05 Chamillionaire – Ridin’ ft. Krayzie Bone

The video descriptions in order:
0:08 Jamaican Payback
0:34 Presidential Face Slap
1:04 Don’t mess with this elephant
1:37 Wrong place, wrong time
2:02 Bike Thug

Check ’em out: