It’s Car Vs. Train In The Ultimate Game Of Thug Chicken!


The game of chicken is always a bad idea. On any scale. Whether it’s a kid running across the road when his pal’s racing down the street on a bike, or it’s a car hurtling over a train track. But, when it works, you’ve got to hold up your hands in appreciation. This game of Thug chicken has a train up against a car. Who wins?

There’s also a Thug nerd, Thug on a scooter and Thug grandma. Oh, and the best parking you’ve ever seen from a two year-old girl…

Here are your tracks:
0:14 Dr.Dre – Bad Intentions
0:26 Kanye West – Drive Slow
0:47 NWA – Straight Outta Compton
1:05 Snoop Dogg – Nothing But a G Thang
1:35 D-12 & Eminem – Sh*t on You
2:03 Snoop Dogg – Who Am I

And the vids in order:
0:08 Angry Nerd
0:23 Car train crossing
0:41 Kid parking
0:57 Grandma thug
1:24 Doesn’t give a sh*t
1:50 Thug on Scooter