Thug Squirrel Steal Plane; Flies It Away


We’ve seen plenty of crazy a*s sh*t here at Thug Life Videos. When it comes to the Thug Life, plenty of weird things go down. But we’ve never covered anything as messed up as a squirrel stealing a plane… And nor have you.

Still, it’s happened. And it’s here. Also here are a booze-drinking bear, a judge getting cussed in serious style and even a totally Thug barrier.

The tracks (in order):
0:31 Hustler’s Ambition – 50 Cent
0:52 Still D.R.E. – Dr Dre
1:15 All eyez on me – 2Pac
1:44 I Don’t give a f*ck – Big sean
1:56 Get it on the floor – DMX

And the videos (also in order):
0:01 Squirrel learns to fly
0:52 Coach thug
1:07 Bear drinks beer
1:27 Judge C-Word
1:50 Barrier is the real thug

Check ’em out: