The Biggest Beatdowns In MMA History

If you thought that an opponent farting in your face was a pretty bad thing to have happen to you in the ring, then you ain’t seen nothin’ yet… The incredible beatdowns you’re about to see dished out to MMA fighters here will blow you away.

Sometimes a fight in the UFC or wherever just happens to be really horribly one-sided. It can be due to poor planning from the bosses or just one person doesn’t really show up on the night. Or because one of the fighters just lets rip.

And we’ve got a pretty comprehensive collection of when that’s happened in mixed martial arts history right here. From the good folk over at The Montage King.


So. Enough with the talking. Let’s get down to business. It’s time for the biggest beatdowns from the vaults of MMA history. Is your favorite fight in here? Find out!