ENORMOUS Female MMA Fighter Takes Down Opponent Just With Pimp Slap

Imagine Brock Lesnar and Bigfoot had a kid. That kid might just look like ‘Gigantic’ Gabrielle ‘Gabi’ Lemos Garcia. She’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champ, member of the IBJJF Hall of Fame and grappling world champion. She’s also an MMA fighter. And we feel sorry for any girl that comes against this 6’2″ machine.

She took on a woman called Lei’D Tapa in the Rizin Fighting Federation in Russia for her debut and won by TKO in the first round.

It was all about the absolutely HUGE b*tch slap she laid into Tapa with. It was BIG.

Gabi Garcia

She’s certainly a big ‘un!

Gabi Garcia

Poor ol’ Tapa never stood a chance… See how the Giant took her down…