Bike Cop’s Intense Chase And Shootout With Criminal Captured On Bodycam

Incredible footage coming out of South Africa shows an amazingly thrilling police chase from the point of view of the bike cop chasing down a criminal. At incredible speeds and in the most exciting bodycam footage probably ever shot, the police officer catches up with the thug and arrests him, after a SHOOTOUT. And it’s all captured on camera. It’s real life, but it looks like something from a video game!

The footage was originally uploaded to a South African cop page and has had nearly half a million views on there alone already. It was posted with the message: ‘Just another day for our Law enforcement members! This member went above and beyond to make sure he got his suspect! Awesome first person viewer footage… And you thought your job was hectic!’

Being a cop isn’t all just writing speeding tickets and eating donuts, y’know. And here’s the crazy proof. Have a look: