When You Do a Wheelie At Over 100mph In Just T Shirt And Shorts… Don’t Fall Off!

Roads are dangerous things. Tons of metal hurtling about the place at high speed. Even when people pay attention and are careful they’re not the safest places in the world. So when folk hit the open road and act stupid and do dangerous stuff, you wanna get right out the way.

We’ve seen pleny of dumb moves from people in cars and on bikes in our time here at Thug Life Videos. We’ve witnessed road rage-inspired idiots get in trouble, cars playing chicken with trains and even bikes doing wheelies onto cop cars. But this video here might just take the biscuit…

This biker is attempting an absolutely HUGE wheelie. Without any protective clothing on whatsoever. That’s right, this idiot’s just wearing t-shirt and shorts. And it goes oh-so badly for him.

Check it out: