Road Rage Biker Suffers Instant Karma Humiliation


Road rage. We seem to come across videos of it happening all across the world all the time. It’s just something that’s pervasive across the globe. There’s no stopping it. Where there are people, there are vehicles. Where there are vehicles, there are anger management issues.

And so we come to our latest clip of two road users getting mad at each other. One a car driver, one a motorcyclist. They’ve fallen out over something. Only the biker can’t let it go. He’s acting a douchebag, all aggressive.

He speeds up, draws level with the driver of the car and begins abusing him. Only he’s in for some serous instant karma. Make sure you watch the clip ’til the end…

Biker Karma

Here is the clip. Damn! This guy is NOT gonna want to watch this back too many times…