Bob Sapp’s Return To MMA Ends In The Most Humiliating Defeat Ever

Bob Sapp. A man known more for being sh*t than anything else. God bless him. He’s always coming out of retirement seemingly and it rarely ends well for him. This time though? It’s his most embarrassing defeat yet. Pitted against overweight Chinese unknown Aori Gele, Sapp had nothing to offer and got ended in 30 seconds.

With a 2-17 pro kick boxing record and an 11-18 pro mixed martial arts record, Sapp’s going down in history. And not in a good way.

In this match-up he looked as big as always, but unfortunately for him, as immobile as always. Dude was planted to the middle of the ring, looking like Mt. Everest.

Bob Sapp

It’s now thirteen consecutive MMA defeats for the big man. Just give it up, brother…

Bob Sapp vs Aori Gele full fight, Here it is: