High School Kid’s JAW-DROPPING Paper Airplane Throw Is Truly One In A Trillion!

There are so many things that used to be super popular back when were kids that you don’t see much of anymore. Yo-yos, pogs, paper airplanes… Ah, paper planes. We used to love those things. They’d give you hours of fun when you should have been studying, wouldn’t they? It’s shame we don’t get to make them anymore. But, they’re still alive!

It looks as those some kids are still keeping the origami missile tradition alive and we see proof of it here in this clip. But this is no ordinary paper plane. Oh no. This is, quite frankly, UNBELIEVABLE.

Thrown by a kid in a Japanese high school, he gets an amazing 24 seconds of flight. But that’s not the most important aspect… It’s the fact that it comes back! That’s right – we’re talking about a boomerang paper airplane

See for yourself: