Brazilian MMA! Watch Guilherme Faria Knock Out Missael Silva With Serious Style…


If you’re into mixed martial arts like us (and you’re reading this, so we’re guessing you are), you’ll no doubt watch the American UFC. And while the Ultimate Fighting Championships is great, it’s not the world’s only MMA competition, you know. Plenty of other countries host their own. And where in the world is it definitely worth keeping an eye on? Yep, that’s right. BRAZIL.

Brazil’s long had a reputation for breeding excellent fighters. And with good reason. You only need check out an incredible knockout that went down this weekend to see proof of that.

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The bout was Missael Silva vs Guilherme Faria from this weekend’s ‘XTreme Fighting Championships International 11’, which took place in in Sao Paulo. Guilherme Faria cleans out Missael Silva with an awesome overhand left that knocks Silva spark out in midair…

We’ve seen some great knockouts before, but this is something else!