Bryan Cranston’s HILARIOUS Thug Life Q&A Answer Floors Kid!

It’s up there with The Sopranos and The Wire. Breaking Bad will go down as one of television’s greatest ever achievements. Whether you watched it at the time or only recently gorged yourself on the box sets, the tale of Walter White’s ascent from geeky chemistry teacher to New Mexico drug kingpin is nothing short of awesome.

The thing that really made Vince Gilligan’s show? The unbelievable work of its star, Bryan Cranston. Mostly known before Breaking Bad as the joke figure dad in Malcolm In The Middle, he’s now pitching up in blockbusters like Drive and Godzilla since his role as Walter White/Heisenberg.

And his appeal? The dude looks like any other middle aged guy. But the Thug Life is strong in him. Just check out how he handles this question at a Q&A for the hit show…