Cops Seize Cannabis Plant Cleverly Disguised And Decorated As A Christmas Tree

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England. Police have seized a pretty big haul of weed from a dealer’s house. Nothing all that unusual about that, huh? Well, no. But the cannabis plants were being hidden in plain sight… As a CHRISTMAS TREE!

It was no cursory effort, either. This things was properly decked out, with tinsel, lights and even had a little gold angel on top.

With presents under the tree, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a Christmas tree on first glance.

Cannabis Christmas Tree

Cops found the suspicious tree on Wednesday and seized it. Ruining a fair few Christmases for smokers in the area.

Police tweeted a picture of the tree and announced that two people have been arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis.


Here’s the picture the local police took…

We’d say that it was a clever disguise… But they got caught, didn’t they? So it kinda wasn’t. Still, top marks for trying”