Cash Me Outside Girl’s Dad’s Been Tracked Down… And He’s A COP!


To friends and family they’re known as Dani and Babs. To others it’s Danielle Bregoli and her mother, Barbara Bregoli. To most people, though? They’re The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl and The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Mom. Made famous after an infamous appearance on Dr Phil, they became viral sensations.

But the young girl isn’t really as tough or as nasty as she makes out or seems. In fact, she’s just a kid struggling in a tough situation. Like a lot of young people. ‘Where’s the dad?’ a lot of people asked. Well, he’s been tracked down… And he’s a cop!

That behavior is appalling. And it’s appalling that anyone can think it is acceptable behavior,” Her father, Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy Ira Peskowitz told The Palm Beach Post Wednesday. “And Dr. Phil? Shame on him.”

“I did not abandon my daughter,” he adds.

Cash Me Outside Girl Dad

“She is still young. Danielle needs to be allowed to be a normal, healthy thirteen year-old girl. Danielle needs to get treatment, needs to get a good education, get involved in physical activity,” Peskowitz says.

Cash Me Outside Girl Dad

“Danielle feels rejected by me. That poor girl. I didn’t abandon her, though. I left her mother, but I did not leave her. I know there is a little girl in there and I hope one day she can hug me and say, ‘I love you, daddy.’”

Cash Me Outside Girl Dad

It was the Palm Beach Post that did the original journalism. Here’s a short video from them with a little of what they found out: