‘Cash Me Outside’ Gangsta Girl Responds To ‘Haters’ Over Video Of Her Beating

We told you earlier about the ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl. A thirteen year-old called Danielle whose foul-mouthed rants at her mother and the audience on Dr. Phil earned her instant fame and lifelong memehood.

We also told you about the beating she took recently when a few girls dragged her out of a car by her hair. Well, it was all very embarrassing for the young teenager and she has taken to the internet with a video addressed to ‘all the haters’.

Obviously, it barely makes any sense whatsoever, but it’s funny, so we thought we’d bring it to you…

Cash Me Outside

We wonder if she regrets her decision to go on the show now?

Cash Me Outside

A reminder of the original TV slot:

To watch the video of her getting a whuppin’, head HERE.

Here’s the video of her dealing with the ‘haterz’: