Something Was Moving In The Bucket So He Looked In… And Immediately Wished He Hadn’t!


A dude goes out to his garage, looking for a bucket to use to fill up with ice for a party. He spots a metal one in the corner and goes to fetch it. When he picks it up, he notices it’s heavier than he thought it might be. There’s something in there…

So he looks in. And sees it. Whatever it is. A weird, creeping, scurrying and pretty horrible undulating thing. WTF is it?!

Our first guess? Freddy Krueger eating mac n’ cheese…


Here’s a closer look… What do you think?


Well, it turned out to be a CENTIPEDE with its young. Look again above. One big mama centipede all curled up in the bucket with its babies in a bear hug.


‘Time to grab an axe body spray and a lighter, and burn that thing!’ JK.

It must be nearly dinner time, only we’re looking at these photos and getting hungry…


So there you are. Weird, huh? But there’s an answer to everything.