Charlie Sheen Pays Porn Stars $30k a Night To Smoke Crack With Him After HIV Diagnosis


In an exclusive interview on The Today Show, former Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen has admitted to being the ‘Hollywood A-Lister’ battling HIV. The story has been in the gossip magazines and all over the internet as movie fans tried to decipher the clues. And now the guesswork is over. But it appears that it’s not just HIV that’s troubling the Wall Street and Platoon actor…

Not only does Charlie Sheen have HIV, he’s also addicted to smoking crack cocaine. And doing so in the company of porn stars who he pays up to $30,000 a night to hang around with him. Sheen throws huge drug-fuelled parties in his Hollywood mansion, where he has become a recluse. And glamour girls are lining up to attend and sleep with him, despite his affliction being an open secret in the adult movie industry since his diagnosis some four years ago.

HIV and AIDS testing in the pornography industry is fairly strict, with many actors and actresses having rigorous health screenings and tests every few weeks. But Charlie Sheen has slept with so many prostitutes, many fear he may have started a one man HIV epidemic in the Los Angeles porn industry.

Charlie Sheen

We know that sex can cause cancer in certain cases, but a night round Sheen’s house holds many other different hazards…

A big-time adult film director who knows the Anger Management star and many of the ‘actresses he hangs around with says this:

‘I know he doesn’t like to leave his house – he’s like a recluse. He has a full security team. So when he has girls come over you start out in the garage – that’s where the command post is with the security team. You have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, you have to leave your cell phones and then you can actually enter the house. It’s a gated community. So you first have to get through the neighborhood security gate but that’s just the preliminary gate. In the garage, there’s the command post, surveillance cameras and a team of three security guards and one of them just sits in the garage and watches all the security cameras.’

‘They’re like his friends too – they stay there so much that they are very close to him. He gets everyone to sign a non-disclosure because he doesn’t want you talking about the crazy stuff that goes on in his house but people do. They all talk because when they leave there with $25,000 they can’t help but talk. The director and producer, who has been in the porn industry since 1997, said Sheen looks like he is in ‘very poor health’ but continues to take drugs and have sex with his many porn star guests.’

Charlie Sheen

‘Charlie’s been smoking crack since at least 2010,’ The director went on. ‘This hasn’t slowed down since then – he’s still active. Within the last six months his health condition is not good. I’m not saying whether that’s got anything to do with HIV but I heard he looks like a mess. He’s skinny, pale, he doesn’t get out in the sun – he looks unhealthy. He has bandages on him, he’s bleeding and he has band aids all falling off – he just looks like a mess. If you smoke enough crack that’s what happens.’

Charlie Sheen

Here’s a short clip from the Today interview:

Will Charlie Sheen be shunned by the world now he’s admitted to his affliction? Or will he be embraced by people despite being HIV Positive? Let’s hope it’s the latter.