Heavyweight Boxer Dereck Chisora Launches TABLE At Opponent Dillian Whyte At Press Conference

This weekend sees a few heavyweight boxing match-ups in the UK. Anthony Joshua fights again on his way up to the top. And under his scrap against Texan Eric Molina? It’s Dillian Whyte Vs. Dereck Chisora, an all London fight. And it’s already UGLY.

The two hate each other. They’re always trading insults and blows and the latest? A press conference today ahead of the fight which ended with Chisora pick up a table and throwing it at his opponent.

“Are you sure you want to kick-off right now, because if you want to – it can.” That’s what Chisora shouted before taking off his sunglasses and launching the table.

Luckily for White – and everyone else sat there – he missed. The two will now weigh in separately on Friday.

Chisora Whyte Table

The fight’s taking place in Manchester on Saturday night, on the Anthony Joshua Vs. Eric Molina undercard.

Chisora Whyte Table

The two had clashed before during taping of ‘The Gloves Are Off’ for Sky Sports…

Chisora Whyte Table

Here it is, here’s the footage:

And this comes just a day after a Sky Sports boxing show in which the two came to blows…