Ballsy Dude Adds Former Girlfriends To Group Chat; Wishes Them All ‘Merry Ex-Mas’!

‘Merry Ex-mas!’ No, we haven’t forgotten how to spell, we’re just wishing you a new type of holiday cheer. Risk-loving ladies’ man Tom has recently decided to invent it when he added four former baes to a WhatsApp group chat on Christmas Day. After a few too many drinks.

Here’s how he starts things off… “Merry Christmas girls I just thought you might want to share some memories of me with each other as am lonely this year and miss the lot of ya.”

“I just thought I wanna get you all together in a group and say thanks for spending parts of your life with me even if it was a long time or a short time.”

This guy’s got serious balls. Or at least a death wish. Here’s what unfolded…

Looks like Gemma could be The One!