Gold Digger Gets Karma In The Most Savage Way… This Is BRUTAL!

Now we ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but, well, she kind of is. In fact, that’s precisely what we’re saying… The girl in this video is a gold digger. This prank video from YouTube film maker Coby Persin is all about uncovering a girl only interested in money and nice cars. They’re rare, but they exist. And they need to get rekt and shamed.

Gold digger pranks like this demonstrate that there are some girls out there you just gotta watch. We start out with Coby driving past a bus stop in a regular sedan. He spots a fine-looking woman waiting for a bus from New Jersey into New York City. Coby starts up a conversation, tries to get her number. No success. He drives around again for a second shot. Again – nothing…

Then he comes back in a sick gold sports car. And her tune quickly changes. NOW she’s keen. But she’s in for a BIG surprise!


Let’s see exactly what went down, shall we…?