Party Girls Post Video Online Claiming Conor McGregor Cheated On His Girlfriend On Cocaine


It’s not been a good few weeks for UFC champion Conor McGregor, has it? First he’s accused of doping, then he’s beaten by Nate Diaz. And now? Some photographs and a video have emerged which appear to show the Irishman partying with a couple of easy girls while – allegedly – high on coke. Neither women are his girlfriend and he’s definitely worse for wear.

One of the girls posted the ‘evidence’ on Snapchat, saying: “So I was at this house party a while back, and my buddy who was hosting it asks me if I wanna smoke some weed. I’m like, “sure, why the fuck not”. We go upstairs in a room at the back of the house, and as he opens the door, none else but Conor McF*ckingGregor is in the middle of snorting a big fat line of coke off a table.”

“This wasn’t the first time I had met him in person, the first time was at a house in Las Vegas, a few days after he fought Mendes, and that time he was doing coke, fucking hookers and getting wasted as well.”

Conor McGregor

The girl goes on: “Two other lads and some sl*ts were in the room as well, there was loads of weed there too.”

“Later I asked Conor if he wasn’t afraid he’d get caught and he replied something like “I am untouchable in the UFC, no one can touch me. I am the king” He was completely wasted and looked like death.”

“Conor goes apesh*t when you take pictured of him in that state, but I did manage to sneak a few pics from the house party. Conor partied for like two days straight without sleep, coke must have kept him going…“

Here’s a video of The Notorious she managed to take:

Gotta get your sh*t together, Champ.