Three Years Ago Conor McGregor Made His STUNNING 67 Second UFC Debut…

All the talk about Conor McGregor recently has been about his defeat to Nate Diaz and the subsequent rematch. But while the Irishman might’ve shown a chink in his armor for the first time (fighting’s not just about striking…), let’s not forget his class. And it was evident from the start of his career. Remember his stunning 67 second debut against Marcus Brimage?

It was the night of April 6th 2013. The Notorious looked sharp and relaxed, but you just know that he was nervous beneath the surface. Still, he overcame.

I didn’t really have a gameplan,” he said afterwards. “You can’t let emotions get in the way. I think Marcus let the fact that the Irish were getting on his back get to him. This is the first time I’ve experienced something like this. It’s a game to me. I just keep calm.”