Cop Pulls Gun On Citizen Just For Filming Him

Sadly, we’re bringing you yet ANOTHER video of police harassment and bullying, this time showing an old cop pulling his gun on a member of public for no real reason at all. The veteran officer waves the gun around and offers no explanation as to why he’s seeking to talk to the citizen he’s pointing his gun at.

“Are you some kind of weirdo constitutional guy?!” He even asks at one point. As if expecting the constitution of the United States to be upheld and respected makes you strange in some way. In this cop’s world, police should just be allowed to kick in your door and shoot you if they¬†feel like it.

Had it not been for the video – who knows what would have happened? Probably nothing. But with it? ACTION! The officer has since been¬†placed on temporary paid administrative leave. And the local City Manager has released a statement saying that they are ‘aware of the matter and are conducting an internal review to verify if appropriate protocols were followed’.

We think it’s time for an early retirement, what do you think?