Cowboy Sees A Dude Wearing His Pants Round His Knees. What He Does? Hilarious!

How do you wear your pants? Nice and high? On your hips, tied tightly with a belt? Slightly below your hips, sitting comfortably? Or below your knees, so low that you’ve constantly got to grab your jeans and hike them up so your pants don’t fall down? If you answer ‘yes’ to the first one – you’re weird. If you fit into the second category – you’re alright. #3? A cowboy wants a word…

This good ol’ boy with his nine gallon Stetson hat is fed up with seeing young men hobbling round the streets with their pants around their knees. And he can’t wait to shout about it. It’s funny, but quite why he cares so damn much about how other people wear their clothes? We’ve no idea.

Still, it made us laugh. See what you make of this southern gentleman’s objection to saggy pants: