Caught On Camera! Top 10 Craziest Crimes Discovered By Google Earth!

Google Earth is great, isn’t it? With a few clicks of your mouse you can be anywhere in the world, spying on what things are like anywhere you like. Want to see an avenue in Detroit? No problem. Fancy looking at a field in Hungary? Okay. Wanna stare at the side of a hairdressers in Cape Town for some unknown reason? It’s weird, but knock yourself out!

But due to the very nature of the Google Earth project and its scale (they’ve taken tens of millions of photographs so far…), they were always likely to accidentally stumble across some pretty weird sights, weren’t they? And in their time snapping the globe, Google have found themselves witnessing some pretty crazy crimes…

In this top ten rundown, the good people of AllTime10s will guide you through ten of the most insane crimes caught by Google Earth. Enjoy!