WTF?! Feeding Time At The Zoo As Crocodile Rips Off And EATS Another Croc’s Leg!

An assembled crowd of zoo visitors were left shocked and stunned recently as they witnessed nature at its most brutal. They were watching feeding time in the crocodile enclosure in what’s believed to be an Australian zoo. During the feeding frenzy that followed, one crocodile bites off another’s leg and starts eating it!

The incident starts with a zookeeper tossing in some fish for the giant reptiles to chow down on. But one of the crocs (seen in the video on the far left) ignores the meal and decides to snack on his friend’s front left limb instead. Biting down, it then performs a brutal twisting motion super fast and tears off the leg.

After that? A shocked silence. The now limbless other crocodile doesn’t even seem to react…

Reports suggest that the crocodile is now fine, having been patched up. The aggressor was segregated for a short while and is now being monitored.


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