Tourists Stand On A Flimsy Little Raft Surrounded By Angry Crocodiles…


Elephant Kingdom, Chonburi, Thailand. Also known as the Anachak Chang Pattaya, Elephant Kingdom is mostly, as you can imagine, full of elephants. But there are a few other animals in there too. Like hungry, hungry crocodiles. That you can feed. Or ‘tease’, it’s up to you. They call it ‘croc-baiting‘, after all.

A small little flimsy metal raft is in the water. The crocodiles in the water quickly surround the small raft. Tourists on board feed the crocs with meat on fishing rods. It’s super dangerous.

The caged raft is only 5 meters by 10 meters and they pack it full of visitors. Here we see a whole bunch of Chinese tourists at it…


This is straight-up crazy. Check it out: