Dad Shoots Son IN THE HEAD To Test Out Bulletproof Helmet!

We all know that in Russia, things are a little different. Culturally, they’re a whole lot different from us westerners. Hey, look – we ain’t saying we’re any better or worse. Just, y’know… DIFFERENT. Come on, you remember when we told you about the guy who ‘died’, woke up in the morgue then carried on drinking?! Well, we’ve got another crazy Russian story for you right here…

Now we’re sure not all Russian dads would do this. In fact, we hope that this dude is the only man in the world who would try this. He wants to test out a bulletproof helmet’s he’s got. But with someone wearing it… HIS OWN SON. Now, we don’t know too much about this video, aside from what happens in it, but it’s pretty damn crazy!

Firing guns near your kids is bad enough. But AT THEM?! At their HEADS?! There are not enough capital letters in the world to get across our feelings on this story… Check out the video and see how shocking it is yourself: