Man Loses It; Sets Ex-Girlfriend’s House On Fire; Dances On Roof While Being Tazered

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! And with good reason. 25 year-old Matthew Russ set it alight. Aggrieved at his ex-girlfriend ending their relationship, Russ got the ball rolling on a bizarre series of events that would end in smoke and him being tased

First of all, he broke into his ex Amy Apples’ house and stole her keys. Then he drove her car into a lamp post. Next he grabbed a kitchen knife and waiting for the cops to show up. When they did, he raced back inside the house and set it on fire…

And finally, in the weirdest bit yet – he started DANCING on the roof as police tried to talk him down. They had to tase him and shoot him with rubber bullets. He was later transported to Eskenazi Hospital.

It’s all very strange. See for yourself: