Crazy Video Shows Guy Jumping Off 8 Story Building And Nearly Missing The Water


Newport Harbor in Newport Beach, California. A guy decides to ascend a 129ft, eight story building. And jump off. But he’s not suicidal – the man survives. But only just. This craziness stems from the kind of adrenaline addiction and need for thrills that drive some people, but leave others (like us) scratching our heads.

The dude risking it all for this insane jump? He’s known only as Daredevil 8Booth. A lot of these jumps are illegal, so anonymity is often the order of the day.

This particular jump looks – and is – particular risky. You’ll see why when you watch the clip. Recorded using a GoPro Hero 5 Black (mouth mounted) and a Hero 5 Session attacked to his hand, this is just flat-out crazy…


Thrilling. Scary. Nail biting. This is plenty of things. But mostly just nuts…