Dave Chappelle’s Crib Is Baller In This Hilarious MTV Parody!


One of the last skits that Dave Chappelle ever did for his hit program, Chappelle’s Show, was one of the funniest he ever recorded. You might remember than after a shortened run, the third series came to an end and Dave mysteriously disappeared to Africa for a while. But one of the last sketches – the MTV Cribs one – is so hilarious is needs rewatching…

We’ve gotta imagine he’s riffing on P. Diddy here as he welcomes the cameras from ‘MTV Cribs’ in to check out his pad. But it’s no ordinary crib. This place has it all. And then some.

We love comedy like Key & Peele, Kevin Hart and Chris Tucker, sure – but Dave’s The Man as far as we’re concerned…

Chappelle Cribs

“C’mon in, ya’ broke m*therf*ckers!”