Thug Lays It Down Straight To This Lowlife – You Don’t Hit Women!

At home. At the park. At a Waffle House. It don’t matter where you are – you don’t hit a woman. We talk about the Thug Life here at Thug Life Videos and have a laugh and a joke, but there’s only one true Thug in the video we’ve got for you here… The dude sticking up for the woman getting beat on.

A table’s having a heated argument and one of the douchebags – presumably the boyfriend – hits the girl sitting with them. Out of nowhere, a giant bear of a man appears, sticking up for her. He proceeds to lay down the law and lecture the lowlife about what’s right and what ain’t. Then things get tense. Threats of shootings are mentioned. But that don’t phase The Bear. He’s a big ol’ bada*s trucker…

Big round of applause for The Bear – a true Thug.