Dr Dre Cuffed And Searched By Cops After Alleged ‘Racial’ Road Rage Incident


Malibu, California. Monday afternoon. Rap legend and mogul Dr. Dre returns home to his sick mansion and in the driveway? A mystery car. Dre asked what was up and the driver said he was lost. He was then asked to leave. According to the ex-rapper he then began swearing and being racist. Dre pulled out his phone, but the dude thought it was a gun…

The man then said to Dre: “Here we go again another black guy with a gun.” L.A. County Sheriffs told the media that the guy then called 911 to report Dre with a gun on him.

Cops arrived, there was no gun, a citizen’s arrest was made (for some reason). Dre didn’t go into custody. The case is being considered ‘road rage‘ (despite occurring on a driveway) and is waiting to be processed by the District Attorney.

dr dre arrested

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