Woman Gets Thrown Into The Air After Being Hit By An Elephant

One of the greatest things about going on vacation to some far flung destination is that you get to experience things that you never could at home. Whether it’s cuisine, climate, surroundings or wildlife, the sense of other is often what lures people abroad.

So, when this woman visited Africa, she had the opportunity to witness up close animals that she had never encountered before, including rhinos, lions, giraffes and elephants. One of the things that tourists were offered by the locals was the chance to bathe with, and wash, the elephants. So naturally, the lady signed up.

elephant gores woman

Big mistake. This elephant was not quite in the mood for a clean up. As the woman chucks some water over the animal’s trunk, BOOM! HeĀ throws her about 8 foot in the air!

Watch the video below.