Dude Suffers Nasty Injury Trying To Impress Chick Riding Down Escalator Flashing Her Butt

We’ve got a funny – but stupid – video for you here. In it we see an attractive young woman goofing around. She’s sliding down an automatic escalator with pals. She gives a cheeky flash of her butt by waving her skirt about. Soon, a guy jumps onto the opposite rail to replicate her. He’s trying to impress her. They’re high up. He falls off. All the way doooooooown

We’re sure this guy is feeling sorry for himself right about now, isn’t he? And you can kinda forgive him. Dude’s probably in pain and not having a lot of fun. But, hey – it could’ve been worse, right…?

Think about it. The last time you hurt yourself. Did you get to check out some sweet booty just before? And immediately afterwards – did a hot mama rush over to you, feeling all sorry for you and wanting to kiss your boo-boo better? We’re guessing not.

Escalator Flash Injury

Damn. We’re actually feeling pretty jealous of this guy now. We’ll see y’all down the mall, right? To the escalators!

We then see the dude slide into shot in full-on ‘Trying to Show Off’ mode. He soon regrets it, though. Going from this:

Escalator Flash Injury


Escalator Flash Injury

He’s gonna be alright, though. Eventually. Watch exactly what went down…