Fake Cop Pulls Over REAL Cops; Now In Search Of (Real) Lawyer


Miami, Florida.¬†A Ford Crown Victoria is trailing a car and puts on its sirens. It’s pulling over the car in front. Must be some undercover cops, right? Right. Except it’s the car in front that’s got the undercover cops in. The Ford pulling them over? A fake cop. That’s right, a guy pretending to be a police officer. And he’s just made the biggest mistake of his life!

46 year-old Marcos Pacheco Bustamante was promptly arrested on the felony charge of impersonating a police officer. He even had a police issue gun. Well, a gun that appeared police issue. From a distance. It was actually a BB gun.

Miami-Dade Detective Jennifer Capote spoke to the media about the incident, warning people to check officers’ IDs…

“Bustamante actually mentioned that he has done this in the past. He doesn’t like people driving and texting. I don’t know if he drives around Dade County looking for people who are texting on their phone, and what he actually does. Maybe he honks at them or turns on these sirens.”

Fake Cop

“If you don’t feel that somethings right, then get on the phone with 911. Get on the phone with a dispatcher,” Capote goes on. “Tell the dispatcher I’m being stopped at this location, this is the type of the vehicle.”

Wanna know more about the Idiot of the Century? Sure, you do. Here’s a little extra information on the story…