Father Of Two Set To Fly To Iraq To Fight ‘Rabid Dogs’ Of ISIS

A British father of two is set to fly to Iraq in order to join Kurdish forces fighting against the Islamic State, saying that jihadis “need to be put down like rabid dogs”.

Steven Christopher Costa, who spent six years in the British Navy, will leave his wife and young children behind after being recruited via the Foreign Fighters Against ISIS Facebook group. He has applied for a visa and plans to fly to northern Iraq via Jordan. He said, “Lots of people have said it’s an admirable thing I am doing. I think it’s a necessary thing.”

isis fighter 1

Mr Costa has also claimed that he will commit suicide rather than surrender to ISIS fighters:

“I will be saving a bullet or keeping a grenade strapped to my chest. If I get captured, I will pull the pin and take my life so there will be nothing for them to parade in any propaganda videos. I won’t be burnt alive and I certainly won’t be beheaded. I don’t want my kids to see that in 10 years’ time on the internet, because it will still be there.”

Steven Christopher Costa

isis fighter 2

What do you think of Steven’s actions? Is he brave for traveling over, or selfish for leaving behind his wife and kids?