The FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Criminals

There are some very dangerous people out there. And when we say dangerous, we’re talking real dangerous. These people aren’t committing petty crimes. These are people like Jason Derek Brown, who is wanted for committing 1st Degree Murder in Arizona in November 2014. Brown looks like a surfer dude, and there have been more mistaken sightings of him than anyone else in the top ten. He’s no laid back guy, despite his appearance. He ambushed a security guard and shot the man six times.

Then there’s Glen Stuart Godwin, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in 1983. He’s an escaped fugitive who’s been on the run for twenty four years after fleeing his captors not once, but twice. He’s escaped justice for almost a quarter of a century. Time to reel him back in.

There are eight other dangerous men on this list. From organised mob bosses wanted for serious fraud to child murderers, gang members and rapists. Check out the video. Maybe YOU know where these guys are?