Crazy Scientist Fires A Gun At Himself Underwater

Norwegian physicist Andreas Wahl knows his science. And he’s prepared to quite literally put his life on the line in order to prove it. Somewhat fittingly on a television show called ‘Life On The Line’. He’s done all sorts of messed-up and dangerous things in his time, but none compare to this latest effort. What does he do? Well, he shoots himself. All to answer the question, ‘what happens when you fire a gun underwater?’ And you’re about to find out.

He hooks up a gun to go off when he yanks a length of rope attached to the trigger. One yank and BLAM! It goes off and the bullet races towards him. But what happens next?

There aren’t too many people prepared to trust their scientific theories to a bullet. This dude is. Find out what happened:

Enjoy that? Here’s how the man planned it all out: