Kid Finds $100K Cash In Dumpster While Playing Pokemon Go

New Orleans, Louisiana. A thirteen year-old boy made a jaw-dropping discovery this week when he accidentally stumbled across more than $100,000 in a dumpster while playing Pokemon Go.

The game uses augmented reality and GPS to help you find Pokemon characters and it was doing this that had the teenager in a shady part of town and near what police are assuming is a drug money stash or pick-up point.

But the unnamed kid’s parents have handed the money in and are adamant that the stash isn’t criminal and that it deserves to find its way back to its original owner…

Pokemon Go Money

“My son enjoys playing Pokemon Go,” Marcus’s father Garrett Giles told the local news. “Day in and day out he is on his tablet playing the game. He found a few Pokemon in strange places inside the apartment building but I would have never thought he would find a large amount of money on the game.”

I know we are going through some rough times but I’m pretty sure someone else is too after losing so much money”, said Mrs. Giles. “I hope that the rightful owners of this money will claim it and make their lives better.”

We bet the kid’s crazy angry right now.

Pokemon Go

What would you do if you found 100k in a dumpster?

Yeah, us too. Poor kid.