Funniest Interview EVER! He Saves His Family From House Fire… Then Goes Back For His Ribs!


Robert Wright is a modern-day hero. Without even thinking, he rushed into a burning building to save his wife and family. He even went back to rescue the ribs he was grilling so they had something to eat while waiting for the fire crew to arrive…

When his Fresno apartment went up in flames, his first thought was the safety of his family. His second? The juicy rack of ribs he had cooking. You can hear all about it in what has to be one of the funniest interviews anyone’s ever given!

Talking to KMPH Fox 26, Wright regales us all with his excellent tale of bravery and marinade. All while waving the ribs proudly. And we’ve got to say – it does look like a damn fine rack.

We’ve seen some weird news interviews before, but never anything that made us laugh this much – check it out!