UFC 208 Headliner Germaine de Randamie Once Fought A Male Opponent And It Was BRUTAL!

Women’s UFC will have a new champion on Sunday morning. The very first UFC women’s featherweight title fight is going down this weekend. The combatants? Holly Holm and the relatively unheard of Germaine de Randamie fight it out. Holm is known for her defeat of Ronda Rousey (at the height of her powers). ‘The Iron Lady’, though? She’s known for her kickboxing…

And she is NOT to be underestimated. de Randamie once took on a man – a pro – and won. She even knocked him out!

“A lot of people don’t know my credentials in kickboxing,” de Randamie told the mixed martial arts website MMAjunkie. “I’ve fought the best, the top of the top, the best female fighters in the world – in three weight divisions. I fought a man who had 40lbs over me, and I knocked him out.”

Germaine de Randamie Knocks Out Man (1)

Holm better bring her A game at UFC 208

Germaine de Randamie Knocks Out Man (1)

Check out the fight right here: