Yoga Pants Are No Match Whatsoever For A Recoil Like This!

Ah, girls. You can’t beat ’em, can you? Especially playing tennis in a tiny top. Yeah… And what else is fun? Guns. Guns are fun. Like big ol’ Magnums. And AR-15s. So what happens when you mix the two? When you give some girls some guns? A couple of AR-15s. Get ’em in yoga pants and tiny white shorts and test that recoil. Well, it’s about as entertaining as it gets for us. Yeah, we’re pretty simple types, really.

This isn’t sexist, either. Before you say it is. This is science. It is. Seriously. The video below pits Cailie Fischer against Krysta Blade in an experiment to test, er, to test out what happens when, um… Y’know.

Fine. You got us. Still, it’s a good watch. Trust us.